Style your Home with Engineered Hybrid Flooring

Our engineered hybrid flooring is the newest development in today’s market. It has been created using the latest technologies, making it a versatile and durable product that has combined various characteristics – the beauty of hardwood, waterproof and durability of traditional vinyl, and the economical factor of laminate. With many features to suit all residential and commercial spaces, this is the way to get your interiors looking their very best with a modern look and feel.

As experts in our field, we have skilfully designed our boards to be wider and longer than others in the market. This will make any room appear more spacious, which is excellent for smaller spaceswhile still retaining a natural timber appearance.  

Our engineered hybrid flooring will fill your interiors with a sophisticated and modern ambience, with the endurance to last many years. 

Hybrid Flooring Australia: Waterproof and DIY Friendly

This technology’s significant advancement means that this product withstands extreme weather conditions, reducing the chance of deterioration from the sun. It also means there is less chance of expansion or contraction issues due to its innovative design and compositions. 

These planks are created for ease of installation, so you do not have to be an expert to lay it. 

Eco-Friendly Items Perfect for Home & Office

Besides being a great all-around addition to your home, it is also recyclable and meets all environmental standards. This includes reducing the need for deforestation, which is beneficial to our environment. This means you aren’t just choosing an excellent design for yourself and your family now, but it will also last well into the future.

These rigid floating planks make a stylish and affordable option for your home or office space. They can really transform your space and give it the brightness it needs to lift the area.

Benefits & Features

If you are looking for exquisite flooring in brown oakFrench oakHampton or Nordic wood, you cannot go past these quality features for homeowners. It has excellent acoustic characteristics, which make it great for apartments and multilevel homes, as well as being:

  • Hard-wearing 
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Natural timber appearance 
  • Easy to install
  • Inspired colour choices
  • Quiet and comfortable to walk on 
  • Easy to clean – vacuumed, mopped and swept with ease
  • Pet friendly 
  • Handles well against scratches and scuff marks 
  • Impact resistance 
  • Affordable for a range of budgets
  • It can be installed over uneven surfaces 
  • Dimensionally stable 
  • Fire retardant 
  • Anti-bacterial surface properties 
  • Stain-resistant properties
  • Slip Resistance Class: P4 

Product Dimensions

Dimensions: 1800mm x 228mm x 7.0mm 

Overall Thickness: 7.0mm 

Backing Underlay Thickness: 2.0mm 

Surface Finish: Deep Embossed 

Wear Layer Thickness: 0.50mm  

Qty in box: 5 Planks 

M²/sqm in box: 2.052m² 

Weight Per Box: 22kg 

Boxes per pallet: 55 – 62 

Product Warranty

Residential Warranty: 25 years