Engineered Hybrid Flooring French Oak

$39.95 P/M2 (Per Square Meter)

French Oak engineered hybrid timber flooring

Famously used to create wine casks and luxury materials, French Oak is used to create sophisticated flooring solutions in homes and businesses worldwide.

The luxury appeal of this material comes with a prestige price tag, though, as the best timber needs to be grown for many decades before being harvested and exported from Europe. This is not the kind of timber you can just pick up from the local hardware store. The best French Oak is centuries old and requires extensive cleaning, milling and dressing process to engineer into the gorgeous and unique wood used in contemporary architecture.

You will find this luxurious material used to create the finest ships and boats, forged into high-end furniture, and used for construction purposes like bridges due to its strength and resistance to decay.

French Oak timber tells the story of the trees that the individual boards came from. The maturity of this wood gives it an elegant, rustic, aged appearance not found in any other source.

While we might not all have the budget to contract a European luxury boat builder, XQ Floors has the perfect solution to give your home a sophisticated look that only comes with using this beautiful timber.

Capture the essence of this timber with French Oak engineered flooring

You can capture the essence of French Oak without the hassle and expense of using the real thing with our specially engineered hybrid solution.

This is more than just your average laminate – it is a proper designer’s floor with all of the rustic charm and appeal of the real thing. Our French Oak is available in our Exquisite Range of engineered hybrid flooring which can be installed in any area of the home and most commercial projects.

*Please note an additional 5 – 10% will need to be added to your total required area for wastage and spares.


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You will not need a professional to get the job done, as these floor planks are simple to install and can be completed as part of your next DIY project.

French Oak timber flooring also comes with a range of benefits and features that you will not find with the real thing, including:

  • Versatility and flexibility: This engineered hybrid flooring can be installed on uneven surfaces and cut to measure to suit any space. You do not need perfectly flat surfaces in your home or business.
  • Simple maintenance: Timber requires oiling, sanding, varnishing and constant care. It is also susceptible to scratches, scrapes, chips and other imperfections. Our engineered hybrid is waterproof, scratch and scuff resistant, and is simple to clean and maintain.
  • Environmentally friendly: All the materials used to create our hybrid is 100 per cent recyclable and reduce the need for deforestation.
  • Safety: Our surfaces have been designed to be slip-resistant, fire retardant, and boast anti-bacterial qualities.

We stand behind the products we sell and offer a 25-year warranty on our hybrid solutions for residential settings and 15 years for businesses and commercial properties.

Speak to our professional team about our engineered hybrid flooring solutions.