Loose Lay Waterproof Flooring – Quick and Simple to Install

Our Luxury Vinyl Loose Lay planks are an incredibly unique design, with stunning timber colours and patterns that deliver high performance every time. It was revolutionary when it first appeared in the residential and commercial market, and has transformed our industry in Australia. This style continues to be broadly popular.

With the toughness to withstand high traffic, and 100% waterproof, by installing these floorboards you will find they will flow seamlessly in all areas of your home or office. We have specifically made our boards wider with an authentic timber look to make any room appear more spacious, with carefully chosen contemporary colours and designs.

Elevate your Home with Loose Lay Design Vinyl Flooring

We love knowing that we can provide you with exceptional quality, natural look flooring that are straightforward to use. If you like a modern look in your interiors, look no further than one of our most widely popular products. This option is well regarded as it doesn’t rely on the need to use fasteners or glues. It is easily assembled with no tongue and groove required reducing the time it takes to install it.

Besides being relatively quick to put together, this system’s most significant advantage is that you can easily replace a damaged board without removing a large section of the floor. This means less disruption to spaces, and a cost-saving bonus should there be an issue with just one or two areas.

Consumers will appreciate that this item is highly durable and designed to last a lifetime.  Its absorption of sound makes it perfect for use in apartments or where lots of busy little feet are running around. The vinyl plank feels great underfoot, with a slightly soft texture that insulates against the cold.

Environmentally Friendly Waterproof Vinyl 

We are always looking for ways to be kind to the world around us, so we take pride in providing this recyclable product that meets all environmental standards, including reducing the need for deforestation.  We feel this is a win for our future generations due to this item’s long-lasting nature.

The Best Features of Vinyl Planks

Loose Lay Planks not only look fantastic, but also have many other features which make this flooring ideal for installing in your home or business. You will be inspired by these many positive attributes of the AmericanMocha and Tasmanian Oak together with the Natural Grey look of the vinyl and engineered hardwood inspired flooring:

  • Hard-wearing with a long warranty
  • Waterproof 
  • Natural timber appearance 
  • Easy to replace boards and installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quiet and comfortable to walk on 
  • Pet Friendly and easy to clean spills
  • Australian and European inspired colours
  • Manages well against scratches and scuff marks 
  • Impact resistance 
  • Dimensionally stable 
  • Fire retardant 
  • Anti-Bacterial Surface Properties 
  • Stain Resistant properties 
  • Slip Resistance Class: P4 


Dimensions: 1219.2mm x 228.6mm x 5.0mm 

Overall Thickness: 5.0mm 

Surface Finish: Semi Embossed 

Wear Layer Thickness: 0.70mm  

Qty in box: 8 Planks 

M²/sqm in box: 2.23m² 

Weight Per Box: 20KG 

Boxes per pallet: 50 – 55 


Residential Warranty: 25 years 

Commercial Warranty: 15 years