Delivery Options 

XQ FLOORS may provide you with a variety of delivery options as part of the Delivery Services by the Delivery Service Providers. You acknowledge and agree that XQ FLOORS is not the provider of these delivery options and merely facilitates your interaction with the Delivery Service Providers in respect to providing the Delivery Services. 


Freight Fees 

Delivery freight charges differ to all areas in Australia and are generally based on size and weight. We have kept the delivery component as simple as possible by creating an average cost base for different quantity tiers ordered in metro zones across Australia.

These are as follows; 

  • 0m2 – 25m2 ($300.00) 
  • 26m2 – 50m2 ($450.00) 
  • 51m2 – 75m2 ($600.00) 
  • 76m2 and more – (Free Delivery) 


These metro delivery tiers cover all our range of flooring products and may be subject to special ordering discounts available at checkout or even over the phone by contacting our office. If you are ordering only 1 – 2 boxes we advise that you contact our office directly to see if we can arrange alternative shipping to reduce the delivery cost, however, this is not guaranteed. Deliveries to Regional or outer metro areas will have to contact our office directly for an exact quote prior to ordering online as the above tiers are for metro locations across Australia only. If you do proceed to check out and make payment for your order then we will contact you within 1 business day to advise you of the difference that may need to be paid for the deliveryIf you do not hear from us within 1-2 business days to please contact us immediately as we may be experiencing a communication error. Please note that we will do our absolute best to ensure we are providing you with the best delivery fee by working closely with all our Delivery Service Providers. We do not benefit from the shipping cost and in most cases, we are wearing excessive costs to provide you this Delivery Service. This is part of our commitment to you in providing the highest quality product with the highest level of service. 


Alternative Delivery Options & Outcomes 

Due to certain circumstances, deliveries may not be delivered to your specified delivery address. Instead, the order will be transported to the closest depot location closest to your specified delivery address.  This can occur for several reasons, and they are: 

  • Unable to transport to specified address due to dangers, hazards, road works, road closures or no access. 
  • No one available upon arrival to receive goods. 
  • Delivery Service Providers restrictions. 
  • State or Council policies or restrictions. 


In the event this occurs, please contact XQ FLOORS and talk to a staff member for further assistance or information on how to collect your order. 


Delivery Times 

Delivery time frames vary to all metro and regional areas of Australia and we do our best to ensure your purchased items are delivered to you within a reasonable and timely manner. General delivery time frame for metro deliveries are 1 – 7 business days and up to 14 business days for outer metro areas or regional areas. We are not responsible for any delays beyond our general delivery timeframe as there are many factors that can affect the delivery causing delays which are completely out of our control. We ask that if you do experience delays in your delivery to either contact XQ FLOORS or your Delivery Service Provider to find out the reason for the delay and you can request for an ETA. We do appreciate your understanding, if you find yourself in this position, we will do our best to assist you with ensuring you receive the delivery of your purchased items.  


Delivery drop off options 

Most deliveries to residential addresses will require a tailgate drop due to the size and the weight of the load. This can be arranged for an additional fee; it is best to enquire about this with XQ FLOORS prior to placing your order. In the case you opt to unload the items manually, the onus will be on you and you must mention this to a staff member at XQ FLOORS so we can advise the Delivery Service Provider. For manual unloads, you must arrange 2 people to be onsite upon delivery ensuring to uphold and maintain a safe environment for you, the secondary person, the driver, and anyone within the unloading zone. It is also advisable to carry out safe handling techniques. We suggest you wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) to unload your items safely to prevent any injuries. Only carry 1 box at a time to avoid injury or endangering anyone within the unloading zone. 


Loss or damage of Products  

There is a risk of loss or damage of products during the Delivery Services. XQ Floors are not liable for any loss or damage of products during transportation and asks that in the event this occurs to contact the Delivery Service Provider directly to discuss any loss or damage of products and seek remuneration to cover the cost of the goods and freight. It is also advisable to enquire on freight insurance which will cover you in loss or damage during transportation preventing any unnecessary risks.  

If you require any further information regarding our Shipping Policy, feel free to contact XQ FLOORS.